Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Saturday pictures, and more ...

These are some remaining pictures from Kaity's birthday that I neglected to post. These two sets from PlayMobile are so darling, and Kaity just loves them.
 If you have done any looking through this blog, you KNOW how much Kaity loves playgrounds.
 We have named most of our little people. There is, naturally, a mommy and a daddy. But the children are: Emma, Randi-Lynn, Kenzie, Harper, Brendan, and I forget the other child's name at the moment.
 It's very fun to play with this toy and Kaity!

 This is Brendan on Christopher's back the night of Kaity's party.
 And these are actually the Saturday pictures ... We took a little picnic over to the park off 8 Mile and Alpine. 
We enjoyed just climbing and exploring, always meeting more children along our way.

Kaity absolutely loves playgrounds. She always has very WIDE smiles when we are there!

The boys right away got into some kind of espionage game ...

This is dear Matthew. Dear, dear Matthew. I love him.

We have a similar picture to this one (below) from a Texas playground many years ago--only Kaity was not even close to being born and none of us had a thought of her whatsoever! So glad she has entered the world and brightened our lives!

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