Monday, July 10, 2017

Cutie-pie Aidan, Brendan and Kaity!

Look at this delicious little baby of ours!!! Isn't Aidan the sweetest?!!
 I took this picture of Aidan giggling at Kaity-Girl. She had said his name sweetly as she ran by. Aidan loves to hear his own name and smiles sweetly every time.
 After Kaity and I had gone to the zoo, we drove over to Brendan's house so that we could walk over to the playground at the school across the way from Brendan's house. I'm so glad we did this! 
 These two cousins played their hearts out together.
 Look at these great pictures!
 Brendan! Please stop looking SO GROWN UP!!!!

 We spent a solid hour over here and it was a DELIGHTFUL 60 minutes.

 Narration is not coming easily to me today ... but doesn't a picture say a 1000 words?
 Kaity and I bought Brendan a little gadget at the zoo. It turns into a double magnifying glass, has a tiny compass on it as well as a mirror. Brendan totally loved it.

 Brendan is one of the most animated children I have ever met. He is such a blast.
 On our walk back to Brendan's, we crossed over Buck Creek and threw stones into the river.
 Dylan and Aidan were there to greet us when we came back. Look at Aidan's chunky marshmallow little body! 

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