Monday, September 2, 2013

A hodgepodge day last week ...

I'm trying to keep current about posting pictures and journaling events, but I'm not doing very well at it! As a result, I can't quite remember which days we did certain activities, etc. However, one day last week, near the end of the week, the kiddos and I got together and had a couple of missions to accomplish.

1.  Go and visit Grandpa Pahman! Since it had been over four years since they had seen each other, it was a very sweet reunion. And happily, Uncle Shane had stopped over to visit too, so we got to spend time with both of them at once. I snapped a few pictures of the children playing one of grandpa's harmonicas and his guitar ...

We had such a nice time together. Since grandpa has a couple thousand (!) books on shelves in every room in his apartment, Matthew found it easy to pick out several he wanted to look at. Christopher found one that had all kinds of interesting information about sharks. 

2.  Visit Nana!  After we left grandpa's place, we headed on over to visit Nana. We had so much fun with her, and it was wonderful to spend time at her house together. 
3.  Make Kelly's birthday cards!  Since we were all invited to Kelly's GOLDEN birthday party on the 31st, we finally came over to the Beach House and started working on some beautiful cards to give her. Matthew wanted to play my piano first ... I love his smile in this picture. He just loves playing my piano. 
 We used stickers, colored pencils, stamping, cut-outs ... everything we could think of ... to make beautiful cards for their Aunt Kelly. It was so much fun.

I think the cards the children made are just beautiful. They are wonderful artists!

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