Sunday, September 22, 2013

Another happy Friday night!

I hate to be one of those folk who wait all week long for Friday ... but if truth be told (!) that's exactly what I've caught myself doing lately. With school now in session, Friday afternoon, evening, and Saturday is the only time that works to see the grandchildren. I LOVE it when Friday finally comes!

I went to the library Thursday afternoon to see if I could find any books of interest to this trio of energy! I was so happy to find LEGO books that were designed around the Star Wars stories. I knew the boys would love these books. I found some horse books for Emma, as well as some Early Reader books for all of us to look at together (not pictured). 
Matthew immediately picked up the Origami book and got started on making a few animals! I have a very nice origami book somewhere in this house ... but I can't find it! 

Christopher just about went out of orbit with the Star Wars/LEGOs books! He especially loved the LEGO Star Wars Virtual Dictionary ~ and immediately got to sketching his favorite Star Wars characters. 
Emma, however, wanted to play a game with me. She is always wanting to play a game, and thankfully, I have a few around here that she enjoys. We especially enjoyed playing, "Dalmatian Pirates and the Volga Bulgars" ... which is just another fancy version of "Fox and Geese" in my opinion. But very fun, nonetheless! 

We played a few games: Emma won the first game, and I won the second. It's almost impossible to win if you are the pirates, unless you play very underhanded and force jumps, etc. But I decided not to get too fancy with the game until Emma could get the hang of it. 
Chris proudly showing me one of his
Star Wars guys ...

 We also watched another chapter of my video of "Anne of Green Gables." In the picture above, Emma is doing an imitation of Anne's skeptical smile ... the one she flashes in uncertain situations. Emma and Chris are really enjoying the Anne videos. Matthew comes in and out of the room as we watch, but it's not really his "thing" at the present.

Christopher and I played a game or two of the pirate game as well. He is a very astute game player!

We settled down for the night and attempted to watch "An American Tale", but the DVD (that I had just purchased for $4.99 at Best Buy!) gave us an error message after an hour into the movie ... and refused to continue to play! We made the best of the situation, though, and after a lot of pampering and fussing and talking finally made it into slumberland listening to the soft music of "A Secret Garden."

Sleepovers are wonderful things ... except Grandma doesn't get much sleep!

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