Friday, September 20, 2013

Baby Buddies ...

Last week I stopped by over at Dylan and Kelly's place, just to see their sweet faces. Since it was during work hours, Dylan wasn't home; but instead, I was treated to TWO babies, enjoying friendship ... at such a young age!

This is Brendan's friend, ABEL!
He is older than Brendan by 4 months, but
a littler tinier in size!

 Brendan and Abel have been friends for their WHOLE lives! Doesn't that crack you up?! They seem to enjoy each other quite a lot.
NO drinking and driving, Baby BRENDAN!

The object most played with was a very nice, sturdy cardboard box in the downstairs playroom, with a special circle window! But Brendan's little coup got a fair amount of play as well.

A tin canister and some piping made for a real nifty drum ... 

Which only goes to show you, fancy toys are not all they are cracked up to be! I loved being part of these two beautiful babies' afternoon!   PS: I did visit with Kelly too ... honest!

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