Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kelly's GOLDEN Birthday, August 31

Weeks and weeks ago when Kelly-O started talking about her upcoming birthday, she mentioned that THIS year was her GOLDEN BIRTHDAY. And then she explained what she was talking about. This was Kelly's golden birthday because she was turning 31, and she was BORN on August 31. Have you ever heard of this before? Me either! At first, because Kelly is always so full of fun, I thought she was just perhaps maybe kind of making this up so that she could extra-celebrate her birthday this year. I actually googled "golden birthdays" and ... Kelly was totally right!
To celebrate her birthday, Kelly invited everyone to meet over at AJ's in Comstock Park, by 5th/3rd Ballpark.  
Kelly is a very good driver!

 There are lots of fun things to do at AJ's but probably the most popular one is the go-karts.
Dylan! He is really good
at racing around in these go-karts!
All week long, the grandchildren were pretty hyped up about Kelly's party. I had measured their height and weight on Emma's birthday just for fun. At AJ's, you have to be 54" to solo drive a go-kart. The only grandchild that met the requirement was Emma. For the bumper boats, however, the height requirement was much less. So ... they all hopped into a boat and had a real fun time steering around the pool. 

Kelly and the girls (Allison and Diana) had a fun time in the boats too ... 

Jesse and baby Kaity were there too ... 
Kaitlynn and Brendan got a little better acquainted at the party.
It was so cute to watch these tiny cousins interacting ... 
 Brendan got a big charge out of pushing Kaity around in her stroller ... I'm not so sure what Kaity thought of it!
When Jesse arrived, there was NO WAY he wasn't going to have a turn in the go-karts! There was a measuring device by the go-karts and it turned out that even though Chris was a 1/2 inch short of the line, he was still allowed to drive a car by himself. So, Matthew went with Jesse and Chris and Emma drove their own cars ... 

 I took a ton of pictures of everyone zooming around the track ... but none of them turned out very well at all ... mostly BLURS.
Two very happy kiddos getting ready to race!
Emma and I were talking about this golden birthday thing and she discovered that HER golden birthday will be on her 16th birthday so that she will turn SWEET SIXTEEN on her golden birthday, an extra-special treat! She was so pleased about this. And it turns out that MY golden birthday was when I was 22 and didn't even know such a thing existed. I feel jipped (spellcheck does NOT like this word ... perhaps "jypped?")
Aunt Kelly was asked to help the kids win more tickets in the arcade, so she did exactly that! Kelly is very physically astute, much more so than the rest of us! Thanks, Kelly! Everyone had a great time at the party and I think they will remember it with much happiness for a very long time. Kaity had a good time too, but she is probably too little to remember anything at all ...

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