Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Matthew and the Muffin ...

The other day I was serving dinner to the grandchildren and brought Christopher’s plate to him first. On that plate was a nice garden salad, a bowl of rotini, and a fresh warm banana muffin. As I placed the plate before Christopher, Matthew said in a very reproachful voice: “Oh, grandma, I wanted a muffin!” insinuating that I had baked a nice muffin for Christopher but NOT one for Matthew. I decided to remain quiet and bring Emma’s plate next, which was a duplicate of Chris’s dinner, and I noticed that Matthew’s face was very sad. And then I said, “I made a nice warm banana muffin for Chris and Emma, but I didn’t make one for you” in a very insincere voice … hoping Matthew would catch on that I was joking and was NOT being truthful. But instead, he completely believed me! Yikes.

When I brought Matthew his plate, which was exactly the same as his brother and sister’s plate, his face lit up with joy. I asked him WHAT KIND OF GRANDMA would make fresh warm muffins for two of her grandchildren but NOT for him?! He shrugged his shoulders, grabbed his muffin, and happily consumed it. I gave him a big hug and told him how much I loved him!

But later that night, I got to thinking about Matthew’s initial reaction to the whole muffin thing, his small voice and injured expression, and I thought HOW LIKE that I often am about God and the gifts He gives. I find myself saying: “Oh, I wanted a nice job like that!” or “Look at that happy family!” When in truth, God has given Himself to me ~ fully, completely, with ALL my sins forgiven through Christ, His peace and presence and unfailing love demonstrated daily, and a promised future, a guaranteed inheritance. Good and perfect gifts … for me! Sigh.

So … I am thankful that God could speak to me through my grandson and remind me that I have no reason to feel reproach or disappointment. GOD IS ALWAYS FAITHFUL!

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