Sunday, September 8, 2013

WHERE does he come from?

Saturday afternoon, after I dropped off Emma, Chris and Matthew I drove on over to pay a quick visit to baby Brendan and his folks. I was a little bit worried that Brendan might NOT recognize me since he hasn't seen very much of me since my Texas grandchildren have returned to Michigan. But, thankfully, I need not have worried. LOOK at that adorable and precocious little smile on this precious baby! I cannot get enough of him.
I remember asking Dylan and Kelly at one point Saturday afternoon: "WHERE does he come from?" Because Brendan is ... a completely HAPPY little person. His heart is SO FULL of joy. I love every single inch of him.  
Dylan and Brendan, sharing a drink ...
Dylan and Kelly went out to enjoy dinner for two and I got to stay and be completely entertained (!) by this person who is ...

hysterically funny, engaging, focused, determined, cuddly, intuitive, independent and completely delightful. It certainly was a great weekend to be a grandma! Thank you, Lord.

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