Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Little fellow was super serious today!

Kelly and Brendan came over today to visit and to do some laundry as well. Brendan had fallen asleep during the drive over to my place, and he never fully woke up during the whole time here today. I've never seen him so serious!

Brendan, playing with my magnetic butterfly ...
Kelly was playing the piano for a little while, something she does beautifully (without being able to read a single musical note!), and then Brendan wanted to take a turn too. 

 Doesn't Brendan look almost like a REAL pianist in these pictures?! He just looks so comfortable with his hands and his body positioned just so ...
We went outside and played in my leaf gutter for awhile ... because ... it was a beautiful day and Brendan likes to play in the dirt! But even then, he was totally SERIOUS! 

I didn't see one single dimple today, dearest Brendan! I think our baby was just tired! But sweet as he can be ... always.

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