Wednesday, May 2, 2018

This little love ...

Monday, April 30:  I was free Monday morning to take care of baby Aidan while his folks were at work ... I love Mondays! We decided to take a short walk down by the creek, using Aidan's new fancy stroller. It has a special attachment for the "NEW" baby (due in just 7 weeks!!!!) and also a little standing bar for Brendan, in case he wants to ride along with his siblings!
 Aidan is a very social little person, so I got the impression he was a little bit put out by being put in a seat that faced forward while I was BEHIND him--not much occasion to interact with this smiley little kiddo. BUT ... spring was in the air ... and I just HAD to check out the pathway down by the creek.
 It was rather colorless, but ... spring was definitely in the air.
I didn't keep Aidan in the stroller overly long. When we got back to his house, he knew he was going to be set free and was happier ...

 We tried getting out a few of his favorite yard toys, but this little baby wanted to go inside where he could cuddle with his grandma.

 So that is exactly what we did! Aidan fell asleep in my arms (for the 3rd week in a row), all the while snoring and cuddling and loving ... he is a wonderful little man!
 When he woke up, he was much more sparkly. I pretended to sneeze ... "Ha-CHOO!" And every single time I did it, Aidan would belly-laugh like he was going to split!
 I love you, baby Aidan!
 Thanks for filling me up with your sweet self today!

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