Wednesday, May 2, 2018

A beautiful Sunday ...

Sunday, April 29:  I picked up two children Sunday afternoon to come over and hang out for awhile. Emma was "lighting" her last performance over at the high school and then tearing down and going to a bonfire! But Kaity, Matt and Chris came over. Chris had gone to the musical with Diana and she dropped him off at my house after it was over.
 Last week, Emma taught Kaity how to make super huge bubbles with my big wands. She told Kaity that you needed to be patient, slow, and easy. Kaity followed Emma's instructions and made some very BIG bubbles. We were very pleased!

 Kaity and I took turns making the bubbles. When I made them, Kaity chased them down with her "sword" and tried to pop them before they popped on their own.

 I love this little child so much. Kaity! You are a dear, dear little soul! I love who you are, dear granddaughter!
 I forget exactly why Kaity was pouting in the picture below ... something about wanting to go to the playground right then instead of waiting until we were on our way back to her house (at least I think that's what was troubling her).
 I reassured her that we would certainly go to her neighborhood playground and she needn't worry!

 Christopher was pretty hungry. I made some oven-fried chicken, rice, pasta, and other assorted foods.
 Chris had a second helping of the pasta--this after all of the dishes were finished and all of the food put away in the refrigerator. But I was coaxed into warming up a second helping ...

 It was worth it just to watch him eat it!
 Matthew was busy on my computer. He found some free games and some other interesting stuff ...

 After a little while, we took Chris home and then Matt showed me where the playground is that Kaity talks so much about. It is kind of in their neighborhood, but definitely too far for Kaity to go alone.
 Matt stuck with us and we stayed there for about a half hour.
 Kaity showed me all of her playground moves ...
 She is very physical and loves the outdoors so much.

 She is a good climber too!

We'll have to go back here to play very often, Kaity-Dear!

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