Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day #11: Bayou Bend

I bet I could have fooled you if I told you this picture was taken on Windmill Island up in Holland, Michigan ... but it wasn't! It was taken at Bayou Bend in Houston, TX!

There is a rumor floating around Texas that there was a certain governor of this vast state, the very first governor by the way, who was such an imbecile that he actually allowed his twin daughters to be named IMA and URA Hogg. But after googling about this incredible story, I found out Governor Hogg never HAD twin daughters. He actually had three sons and one daughter. Unfortunatley, her name was in truth IMA HOGG. She was named IMA because one of her uncles was a poet and one of his fictional heroines was named IMA. Oh my. The mansion in the picture above, was hers and we went to tour it and to walk about the grounds and gardens of this beautiful place yesterday while we were in Houston.
I lost all of the literature that was given to us when we paid our admission into this wonderful place, so I do not know the names of these gorgeous flowers. AND ... I already narrated this post once and then neglected to save what I had written and ZAP! So I am completely out of patience and out of time to do it any justice whatsoever!
I have just finished reading for the very first time, "The Secret Garden" ~ I found it on a bookshelf at Sabrina's house. I have rarely loved a story so well! I simply must own this wonderful piece of literature so that whenever I want, I can take myself to that magical garden and be renewed and my soul made happy.
I have also inadvertantly deleted many of the pictures I uploaded, so perhaps when I return to Grand Rapids, I'll insert some of the better ones. Grandpa Jones and I both took dozens of really spectacular pictures here ... I can't wait to make cards from them.
We usually only get to be with Dan, Kathie and Peg once per year at the Jones reunion in Ohio. It was so nice to have this special opportunity to spend time with them.

I really liked this one of Dan and Kathie ...
taken by Grandpa Jones

"As long as the earth remains,
there will be springtime and harvest ..."
Genesis 8:22

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Emily said...

Pretty flowers! I wish spring would hurry up and come here.