Friday, March 12, 2010

Days 12 and 13: Our last days in Austin

I want to kind of quickly share some pictures of our last day in Austin with you. I'm going to have to wait and post the pictures we took of the Houston Rodeo when we return to Grand Rapids. We just don't have time to post all of these wonderful pictures and memories while we are traveling.

Today was cool but very beautiful here in Austin. Since Jackson and Olivia were in school, they could not come with us, but Grandpa Jones and I went with Sabrina and Karis back to Pedernales Falls where we visted last fall ... but the water conditions were completely different today. Austin has recovered from its three-year drought and the rivers and streams and lakes have all been restored to just about their normal state of affairs.

Grandpa Jones took over 500 pictures here today ... 500! I took about 150. These first 8 pictures (or so) are from my camera, but the rest are Grandpa Jones's. Doesn't it look like the photographer is right smack dab in the middle of the waterfall in that picture above? Well ... she wasn't exactly IN the waterfall, but as close as she could get!
Sabrina and I enjoyed some HIGH adventure today. I've decided that growing up a city girl denied me too many experiences out in the great outdoors ... perhaps that's why I go a little crazy when confronted with God's amazing creation ... and this place, Pedernales Falls, is a little paradise here on earth. I could stay here for weeks and be ecstatically happy the entire time!

These pictures can't do justice to the rock climbing we did today. Lots and lots of high steep rocks with deep crevices and fast-flowing water everywhere surrounding us. I loved it so much!

Sabrina is a very good climber. She is not afraid of very much. Thankfully, she looked out for me. I'm not afraid of much either, especially heights ... the higher I go, the happier I get!

This is me feeling like I was on top of the world ...

It's a little difficult to get to the top of this rock, but Sabrina helped me ...

She also helped me get down, which was trickier than getting up!
And Karis Danielle was a tough little cookie out here in the wild! I told her we were pioneers. We were on a GREAT adventure! She kept up with us very well. Sabrina kept her safe and sound, but also let her climb and experience this wonderful day to the full.

"Be to me a protecting Rock of safety,
where I am always welcome."
PSALM 71:3
The sound of the rushing water was SO awesome. I will never forget it. It blocked out all thought of anything other than ... the majesty and wonder of God!

Grandpa's telephoto lens really gets up close and personal, doesn't it? I feel like I am going OVER the falls when I look at this!

"When you go through deep waters
and great trouble ...
I will be with you."
PSALM 43:2

Don't you wish you could have been with us today?!

"You feed them from the abundance of your own house,
letting them drink from your rivers of delight ..."
PSALM 36.8
We really hiked for a great deal up behind the falls and found interesting pathways ... but finally it was time to go home and make sure we were there when Jackson came home from school. We took a little rest and then drove up to Lake Travis to see the dam up there and just let the kiddos run and play. I don't have time to show you those pictures. I'll have to post a bunch of random stuff when I return to Grand Rapids. For tonight, we are finishing up our laundry, watching a little TV with the family here, and getting ready to head out to El Paso first thing, very early tomorrow morning. We'll try to keep you informed of our fun there, but don't count on many pictures. Ft. Bliss has a very antiquated internet. We'll do the best we can! Again, we are sad to leave the family here in Austin but we are looking forward to seeing some more beautiful little faces in El Paso.


Judy Hand said...

Great pictures. Hope you have a good time in El Paso. Diana, Jess,and children have been having
a rough time, and can sure use the
love you bring with you. Hi to Don
and God Bless.

Judy Hand said...

Hope you have lots of fun and joy in El Paso, Jesse, Diana, and the children can sure use all the love you bring with you as they have been
going through some very difficult days. Hi to Don and God Bless.