Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day #3: Bandera, TX!

After leaving Arkadelphia at about 8:00 yesterday morning, it took us all of 10 hours to reach Bandera. But what a drive! Our global positioning device (Garmin) took us west of Dallas and down through the hill country on steep winding roads and through tiny towns and vast empty ranch lands.

We went through Hico, a little town that boasts this slogan: "Hico: Where everybody IS somebody!" And we drove through Llano, a beautiful little place with a bridge over a waterfall. I'd really like to go back there and get some nice pictures. I did get some and I'd show you some of the pictures, but I need to make this post kind of quick this morning so that we can get back to ... the reason why we came!

But we finally made it to Bandera! And these are the little faces that greeted us!
King Nathan was wearing his very cool crown and eating a bag of apple crisps. He let me taste one and it was quite yummy.
We ate a nice dinner together. I got to sit next to Queen Nia. When we got to the restaurant, a gentleman greeted Nathan like this: "Good evening, young fellow." Nathan responded that he was not a young fellow ... he was a KING.
Little Lottie girl wasn't sure what to think of us at first. Grandpa wanted to hold her right away, but she was NOT going to have anything to do with that! But after just a little while, she warmed up ... and Grandpa Jones was very happy.
Isn't she precious?

She has beautiful, flaming red hair ...
And Nia wasn't too sure of us either ... but I think we will have a real nice visit during these next few days.
I'll show you more pictures later!


Sabrina said...

Yeah!!! You made it safe and sound! And I got your message and both shows have been recorded for your viewing pleasure.

Mom Jones said...

Thanks, Sabrina! :)

Grandpa Jones and I will pull into your driveway at about 3:00 Friday afternoon ... hopefully in time to greet Jackson coming off his bus. We'll call Friday when we are on our way.