Sunday, March 7, 2010

We celebrate birthday #4 with Karis

Grandpa Jones and I were way up north in Michigan when Karis Danielle turned four this year ... and we missed being with her on her birthday. I did a little birthday post for her with a special birthday song, but it wasn't the same as being in Austin with her.
While Andrew and Olivia went out shopping for a birthday cake for Karis, we decided to do some painting. Jackson and Karis have their own watercolor sets and did some amazing artwork yesterday! I was extremely impressed with how careful Jackson was and how intensely and creatively he painted. You have to understand that usually this boy is moving faster than a speeding bullet. To see him quietly sitting at a table with a paintbrush, painting a beautiful tree house, was a shock ... and a delight!
Karis had picked out a special Barbie cake a few months ago that she thought she would like for her birthday. However, her daddy decided this one was prettier (and a bit LESS costly) ... and Karis did not complain one single bit! She took a big breath, smiled for all of the photographers (grandpa, grandma, and mommy), made a silent and secret wish, and then ...
... successfully blew out all four of her candles! She was very pleased with herself. When asked if she wanted to open presents first or eat her cake, she chose the cake ... but then it was present time!
Karis had already opened presents up from her folks and Olivia on her birthday. She received lots of Little Pet Shop toys ~ she showed me all of them the first day we arrived ~ but last night, she was opening the stuff Grandpa Jones and I brought for her.
This is Karis's face as she opened her brand new dominoe game ...
And her super sized giant princess puzzle! She got a lady bug jump rope, a butterfly binoculars, a Melissa & Doug stamp set, and a pretty cloth butterfly to hang on her bedroom wall.
This is the sign that hangs on the door of her bedroom.
And see the pretty butterflies on her wall? Just the large one is from Grandpa and me. The little colorful ones are very cool wall stickers that can be moved about ... those were from her mom and dad. We had a lot of fun celebrating her birthday, even though we were very late doing it!

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