Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day #8: Worship and rest

We haven't taken many pictures today. It's Sunday ~ and we had a great time of worship at Hill Country Bible Church in Dripping Springs. This is the church Andrew and Sabrina and family attend. In fact, Andrew is an elder there. It's a new church plant, only six months old. Grandpa and I were actually in attendance the very first Sunday they met (back in September 09). It was nice to return today and see how God has been blessing this congregation. We got reacquainted with some very nice folk, sang songs of worship, and listened to God's Word together. Wonderful!

We were able to snap a very rare picture of our beautiful Olivia today. There is a very long story behind this picture, but suffice it to say that there are several "match-makers" (including Sabrina) who think that some day (in the distant future) Olivia and this young gentleman would make a lovely couple. Olivia, however, is NOT in agreement. That's OK! She is too young to have to complicate her life with such matters anyway! Her friend, Cole, just snuck into the picture (and Olivia was completely UNaware that he was behind her) to get a rise out of her ... he likes to kind of get under her skin and tease a bit. I told Olivia not to worry about it. I had someone all picked out for Sabrina to marry (this while Sabrina was only 18) but she and the fellow had other ideas ...

But after meeting this "friend" of Olivia's today, I was very impressed with his friendly personality, his overall kindness, and ... well ... I think he's a very nice looking fellow! Sorry, Olivia, to vote along with the others on this point ~ but don't even worry about it for the next ten years or so!


Thursday said...

Nothing messed up my friendships with guys as quickly as the suggestion of romance. Leave the poor young woman alone to enjoy her guy friends complication-free! I think being able to spend time with a kind, friendly, even nice-looking guy without the need to possess him is a sign of maturity.

Besides, even with as great of a family as she has, I can't help thinking that Olivia has missed out on having a brother closer to her age (not that my personal family situation biases me at all, of course). So I hope she enjoys the fellowship of her close-in-age brothers in Christ wherever she meets them.

sabrina said...

it is a running joke between these two who absolutely fight like cats and dogs with each other... they really are just friends and just love to bug each other to no end.