Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day #4: A fun and beautiful day

We had completely clear blue skies today and 60+ degree temps. A perfect day! I totally forgot to mention in my post yesterday that the road to Bandera has a TON of deer along it. I'm talking deer that wander around in broad daylight. Large groups of them. Beautiful animals! When you reach the long dirt drive that leads to Nick and Rachel's house, you can oftentimes see deer ... and this morning, we were lucky enough to see a lot of them!

I tried really hard to get a good picture of them leaping high over the fence as they were running, but they were pretty far away. When we were out and about today, we purchased some corn to feed them ~ we're going to do that tomorrow and see if we can lure the herd closer to the house where I can get better pictures. Grandpa Jones is doubtful that 50 pounds of corn is going to do much to bring them out of hiding and thinks it would take several days of us feeding them to get a good result. We'll have to see! It isn't illegal to feed deer in Texas. In fact, these very deer can be shot on the owner's property year round. It makes me sad to think about that! Thankfully, Nick doesn't own a rifle!

When we were here even last fall, there wasn't much water on the property. The drought had been pretty severe in this area. But they've gotten plenty of rain over the winter months. This little pond is not far from the house.

We walked around the property for a little while and watched the deer all run away from us. I couldn't believe how many there were!

And look where this little monkey is! We decided to drive down to San Antonio and do a bit of shopping, so we all went outside to load up the vehicles and I heard this small voice talking to me, but I couldn't find him until I looked ... WAY up ... I won't tell you how far he was up ... (!) I told Nathan that he was scaring Granny Jones half to death! He was completely unphased by this.

We went to one of my favorite kind of toy stores ... huge and packed with great toys. We had purchased a gift to give their family in honor of Liam's coming birth ... but they already had the very toy that we had picked out. So we brought it to this toy store and they gave us store credit because they actually carry this very toy right there. And then we got to pick something else out instead.
Lottie had fun demonstrating the toy we picked out. We played with all the fun stuff in the store for quite awhile. There were other folk in there doing the same as we were ... so don't worry ... we were NOT being obnoxious. The owners of the store encourage customers to play. So we did!

We enjoyed a hearty meal over at Maggiomo's (I think that's the name) and ate way too much, but it was SO good!
We ran some other errands after lunch and ended up letting the kids run out their energy at a McDonald's with a playscape. We had enjoyed an hour at a discount book store earlier and decided to just rest while we watched the kids have a good time. Look at Nia's pose. She looks like a natural pro with a joy stick.
Lottie posed for all of the pictures we wanted. She is such a sweetie. We had a really full and fun day just hanging out together. We're looking forward to more of the same tomorrow!

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Sabrina said...

What fun! Love the pictures of the kids.