Friday, March 19, 2010

Day #20: We're in Amarillo!

It was 77 degrees yesterday in El Paso. This evening we are at a hotel in Amarillo, TX and we are under a WINTER STORM WARNING. It is 33 degrees! We've been checking the weather channel, watching the storm front, and our pathway back to Michigan puts us right on the southeast border of a mixture of rain, snow and blizzard type winds ... doesn't that sound like pleasant traveling weather?

We left Ft. Bliss at about 7:30 this morning under the clearest blue skies! We decided to take our usual route home, up I-54, and that puts us in New Mexico practically right away ... and then we travel northeast through New Mexico and back into the Texas panhandle on I-40. However, our GPS gadget took us off 54 and onto 70 at Tularosa through the Sacremento and Capitan mountains. You have to TRY to imagine how beautiful this drive was today! I snapped a few pictures as we sped along at 70 mph, but they are so inadequate to show the majesty and beauty of this part of the country. The LORD is a great God ... the great King ...
He owns the depth of the earth
and even the mightiest of mountains are his!
PSALM 95:3 and 4
I-70 is a very crooked road surrounded by these gorgeous cliffs and rocks, deep valleys with rustic ranch houses, cattle, fabulous horses ... my eyes were delighted with every mile we traveled! Much of this stretch of road is in the middle of an Apache Indian Reservation. There were lots of little antique shacks along the way with a bunch of Indian stuff ... but Mr. Jones was NOT inclined to stop and take a look ...
Throughout Texas we have seen crosses erected on top of mountains. I like the idea very much. What a better way to remind folk of the love of God than to point them to the cross!

We left the mountains behind (sadly) at Picacho and headed on towards Roswell ...
We rolled into Roswell at about noon and ate lunch there. I snapped this sign on the side of a real estate building.
The name of this little dive is Wienerschnitzel's and it boasts to be "The world's largest hot dog chain" ... have you ever in your life heard of it? Well ... having never heard of another hot dog chain in my life, I guess I have to believe this claim! :)

We hope the weather isn't TOO severe tomorrow. We're going to get an early start and hope to stay on the edge of that front and continue on our way back to Michigan. I'll try to keep in touch along the way.


mom and dad hand said...

Beautiful scenery. We have snow
today. Yesterday 60 and all snow was
gone by Wed.

sabrina said...

We woke uptothunderstorns and rain and have been listening to the wind ever since. Stay safe driving!!!