Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 10 in El Paso

 Today was my last full day here in El Paso. The children and I got up this morning bright and early, took care of the pets, did our housecleaning, and then we worked on lots of little art projects in-between reading 12 chapters from "Charlotte's Web." We were able to finish the book right before bedtime tonight. The kids really really liked this story, and it was so much fun to read it to them.
 Kaitlyn and Diana were able to come home from the hospital mid-afternoon. We spent lots of time just enjoying the baby together. She is so soft and sweet and seems so tiny. When she cries, she sounds like a little kitten in distress.
Kaity is very sleepy. She is so fun to watch when she is sleeping. She makes the cutest expressions. Lots of friends came and went throughout the afternoon, so we were very busy here. I neglected to take many pictures of the other children today but it was very sweet to see how much they enjoyed watching their new sister.
We finished coloring our stained-glass pictures and hung them up on the front door. Some of the neighbor children declared that they were "very beautiful."
Emma took this picture of Kaity and I. If you think I look tired in this picture, it doesn't begin to show how very tired I am! I held Kaitlyn for about an hour this evening while she slept on my lap or in my arms. There is nothing that can match the sweetness of holding a newborn baby, is there?
Jesse is really enjoying having a new baby. He doesn't like to share her very much right now. And ... he gets to be on "leave" now for the next few weeks to help care for her.

I'm scheduled to leave here early in the morning. I should arrive back in Grand Rapids sometime tomorrow evening. It's been a good trip. I'm thankful I got to be here to see Kaity when she was just born. I'm thankful, too, for the good time we had together as a family. It's always difficult to say good-bye and wait another three months to see everyone again, but I know that God will take care of this little family and that He loves them very much. Me too.

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Larry and Judy said...

Carol: your art projects are beautiful. Glad you got to finish C. Webb. Kaity looks so sweet and I am glad she wants to sleep as that could change any time. I'll bet you are tired. You have done some mighty good works there. Hope you have a safe trip home. Take care and God Bless.