Monday, June 25, 2012

Day Five in El Paso

I had about six pictures I was going to show you tonight, but when I tried to upload them, Blogger came on and told me I was out of photo space! So ... I was only able to upload these two pictures of Emma. I applied for more photo space tonight, so perhaps by tomorrow, I'll be able to post more pictures. I certainly hope so!

Today was Monday, which meant that Emma had to return to her Summer school classes. She did NOT want to go this morning. But, she was having a field trip today and she ended up having a very fun day. The third grade class got to visit a water plant (this is how she is describing it to me ... but she can't remember the whole name of the place) and they got to "see how the water rotates in different ways and all of the different names of it" (I'm quoting her right now). Emma said they got to make their own bubbles (see her blowing them in the pictures below?) and they also got to pretend they were raindrops. Emma also brought home a bird-feeder kit that consists of a giant pine cone, some seeds, and a rope that is attached so that it can be hung up. You are supposed to spread peanut-butter all over the pine cone and then put the seeds onto the peanut butter and then hang it up outside and watch the birds come to eat their dinner! We've been feeding the birds by Emma's house, but we've discovered that they won't come to eat unless we have the sprinkler running, which makes pools of water out in the street. So the birds come to get little drinks of water, and they also eat the bread crumbs that we leave for them. So tomorrow, when Emma comes home from school, she and her mama are going to make this little peanut-butter bird feeder together ~ unless, of course, baby Kaitie decides to be born in the middle of the night tonight.
While Emma was at school this morning, Christopher and Matthew and I completely cleaned their room. It took us quite a long time ... because their room was very full of stuff! It took us a little while to find the floor (!), but when we did, we put everything away, threw a whole bunch of broken toys away, vacuumed the floor, and organized the remaining toys. Christopher was very helpful and Matthew TRIED to be helpful ... but the end result was very nice.

We did a lot of reading today. We read lots and lots of Bible stories together, as well as many other nice books. We ate spaghetti and salad and watermelon for dinner and then we made fancy ice-cream sundaes for dessert ~ yum! Hopefully, I'll be able to post more pictures tomorrow ... if Blogger allows me to. Bye for now!

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Larry and Judy said...

Thanks for helping Chris and Matt find the floor in their room. Sounds like a really fun and fully packed day. The pine cone bird feeder is a really nice project for mom and daughter to do together. Sounds like Emma had a great field trip from her description. Thanks again for the narrative and pictures. God Bless and Take Care