Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day Four in El Paso

The children actually slept in until 7:30 this morning ... WOW! I had time to prepare some cinnamon rolls (thank-you Pillsbury!) for breakfast. I think the delicious smell finally woke them up! We had bananas and powdered-sugar donuts along with our rolls this morning. I know, not very healthy, but we were celebrating that it was Sunday! 

We worshipped over at Sunshine Community Church this morning. It's always good to return to this friendly church, where the Lord is obviously loved and worshipped. Jesse has to be there very early on Sunday mornings to get things set up for their music ministry. Diana and I and the children came for the later service. I attended children's church today with Emma. They've taken to separating the boys and the girls and having a different emphasis for each class. The girls have been studying the verse from I Samuel 16.7: "Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart." So the teacher talked about what it means to have a "pretty heart" not just a pretty face or outfit.   

While I was getting ready for church this morning (after breakfast), I separated the children in different rooms with their own art supplies and books and asked them to make me a picture. I'll have to post those pictures at another time, but the photo above is Matthew seriously working on a piece of art for me. I separate the children into different rooms so that I can take a shower without having to ... referee their various small disputes with each other, etc. And besides, children need time and space to themselves once and awhile!  
 This is Emma decorating a heart during her class at church while listening to her teacher talk about what it means to have a heart like Jesus. There were 15 other little girls in the class. I enjoyed visiting with all of them!

After lunch, the boys begged me to "run" through the sprinkler with them. I hated to inform them, but grandmas don't "run" through sprinklers! So I compromised with them and gathered some squirt guns together and we all enjoyed a good water fight instead!
These water balloon squirt guns are so much fun! 

The one casualty of the water fight was that Matthew's balloon squirt-gun burst and was therefore broken. He was quite disappointed, but remembered he had a few other squirt guns that he could use. We also put bread crumbs out for the birds, and since there was water running in the yard as well as bread to eat, we had quite a few birds come by to visit us today.

I think we read about 10 different books today too! I so enjoy watching the children engage in a good story ~ their facial expressions are so beautiful as they listen.

 Well ... another day without Kaitlyn being born. Diana is very ready to deliver her. I'm praying that she comes in the next day or two.

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Larry and Judy said...

Hi Carol: Sounds like long event-filled days with our E.P. gang. Larry and I so enjoyed your narrative and beautiful pictures. I'll bet that breakfast was fun, church sounded good, and spinklers and squirt guns are summer. I ran through the sprinkler with them when they were here that summer as they got be all wet anyway. Love the reading part too, and I know they love to be read to as they told me. Well, here's hoping and praying Kaity will decide to arrive today. Hard probably for all waiting, esp., Diana. Thanks so much for all you do that you share with us. It means so much. Take care each and all and God Bless. Larry laughts right out loud when reading and seeing these.