Friday, June 29, 2012

Day Nine in El Paso

Kaitlyn Jane was born today weighing 7 pounds 10 ounces and 21 inches long. She was finally delivered in the early hours of the morning. Jesse came home from the hospital right after lunch and drove us over to see her.

I thought this sign was ... SO unusual ... I mean, how many folk are there who are actually over 105 years old? However, since this is an Army hospital, perhaps one of their patients is actually that age and it is his/her designated parking spot.

There was a lot of excitement once we got up to Diana's room. Everyone crowded around trying to see  Kaity.
 Kaity has a full head of dark hair. What's surprising is that Emma had the very same kind of hair as a newborn ... kind of a darkish brown! I honestly cannot remember Emma's hair like this, but there are pictures hanging up in the house here that prove it is true.
I handed my camera to Diana so that she could snap one of us together ... nice picture, Diana!
 Emma got a turn to hold her sister. She was a little nervous about it because Kaity seems so little to Emma. But I think she was very careful and did a nice job of it.

 Jesse spent the night at the hospital last night and is doing the same tonight. He really enjoys holding the baby.

 We got her to open her eyes for just a little minute ...
Kaitlyn Jane is a very healthy little granddaughter. I'm so thankful I got to be here to meet her.

The children and I did our usual stuff throughout the day. The highlight, of course, was meeting Kaity. But we also had a lot of fun together today. We did a ton of reading, a few art projects, played a little bit on the computer ... and I am quite tired tonight. Tomorrow is our last full day together. I'm wishing I had started reading "Charlotte's Web" sooner on in my visit. We are only halfway finished, but the kids are enjoying the story so much ~ and I am enjoying reading it to them. Perhaps we will figure out a way to finish the entire book tomorrow ... but ... who knows?

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Judy and Larry Hand said...

Nice family pictures. What did the boys think of their new sister? Thanks for keeping us posted and up to date. All the pictures are beautiful. Can understand why you are tired. Lots of stuff going on. Take care, God Bless