Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day Three in El Paso

My third full day in El Paso has come and gone. Baby Kaitie still has not arrived! We are all playing the waiting game ... and speaking of games, the children and I played plenty of those today. We learned the "Hex" game I told you about yesterday, but we never figured out a good strategy with this game. It all seemed rather hit or miss as to whether a person was going to win or lose! But that's OK, because we had fun playing together. 

I brought a kit of shoelace bracelets and beads, you know, one of those you find over at Michael's in the crafts section. Even the boys enjoyed stringing beads on a shoelace, making pretty patterns.

We tried to play outside for a little while today, but could only stand the heat for 15 minute intervals. Absolutely no one plays outside in the neighborhood after lunch. Which makes me wonder. I know that Michigan gets cold in the winter, and there are many months where children don't play outside very much; but I think the weather in Texas is even more prohibitive for outdoor play than Michigan is! I would much rather live where the seasons change and the weather is more variable. But I've always been rather partial to Michigan. 

Two weeks ago, I went shopping at a great store in Grand Rapids called, "Once Upon a Child" that sells gently used children's clothing and toys, as well as books. I picked out nearly 25 good story books and only paid $14 total! So we've been enjoying lots of new stories.

Tomorrow is Sunday, and we plan to worship over at Sunshine Community Church in the morning. I'll try to post more pictures tomorrow night ...

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Judy and Larry Hand said...

Hi: Don't know where my first comment went, it's in cyperspace some-place. Does sound extremely hot even with lower humidity. Sounds like you had a fun day,tho. The game sounds challenging. Kids look happy and all of you waiting for Kaity too. Take care and hope you have a great day.