Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day Six in El Paso

Emma's bus was running late this morning and I wondered if it was because of how HOT it was already at 8 a.m. It was so hot that it practically took my breath away. But Emma's bus finally arrived, and I walked back to the house and was exhausted by the time I got there! 

The boys were all fired up for their day, so we started out with a good breakfast and then played for awhile before beginning the laundry. By lunch time, however, Matthew was complaining that he had a bad headache and went to lie down. Matthew lying down in the middle of the day is VERY unusual. It turned out that he had a sick stomach and couldn't eat lunch and ended up sleeping for a few hours this afternoon. When he woke up, he looked and felt much better.

I found out something else about the heat down here in Texas. In the middle of the day, if you want to get a drink of water from the faucet and you run it to get it cold ... it NEVER gets cold. In fact, even if you run the cold water all the way, it still comes out HOT. That's how hot it is in Texas.

We picked up Emma from the bus stop at 1:00 and began our afternoon together. We read a lot of books again today. The kids allowed me a little nap in the middle of the afternoon. We folded laundry together and put it all away. We enjoyed a healthy snack together. But we did NOT play outside. I miss being outside! But it's simply too hot to be out there.
 These are some of the books we read from tonight. In our Jesus Storybook Bible, we read about the tower of Babel (which was very well written). In our "I want to know about Jesus" book, we read about the parable of the houses built on the rock and on the sand. And we read another book about "Sarah's Grandma Goes to Heaven" and finished off with "Going to Sleep on the Farm." 
I hardly took any pictures today. We were really just working around the house, doing the usual stuff that life is made up of, but enjoying each other and playing together as much as possible. 
I was also able to switch my airline ticket today. Instead of leaving Thursday morning, I am staying until Sunday morning. Baby Kaitlyn is scheduled to be born this coming Thursday and Diana assures me that the doctor said he will not let her go beyond this date without inducing her. So ... sometime Thursday or Friday, the baby will be born. I scheduled my trip to El Paso in June to correspond with the baby's birth. It seemed a shame for me to leave on the very day she was going to be born and not actually be able to see her. Plus, no one would be here to take care of the children. So, I'm glad I was able to switch my ticket and stay until Sunday. Emma is especially happy about this.

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Larry and Judy said...

Hi Carol: It definitely is HOT there even with the low humidity. Sounds like you got some much needed stuff done and I know it's appreciated so very much. Glad Matt feels better and you got a nap in. Sounds like you and Matt and Chris got lots done. The books look good and interesting. Thank you for changing your ticket. I know it's probably been stressful for everyone. Better drink water out of the refrigerator. Take care. Come on Kaityln.