Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Labor Day treat ...

Dylan called me Monday afternoon to invite me over to Kuyper College to see Kelly and the band play a few numbers for new students on campus ...
Kelly is the lead singer with "The Occasionals"
I met Dylan and Brendan out on the lawn. Brendan was all ready and set with special ear protection ... which was very nice of his folks to think of! And this little cutie-pie kept these headphones on for over an hour, without ever once attempting to remove them!

What do you think? Is Brendan a future sound "geek?" He looks completely adorable in these crazy headphones! 

Brendan enjoyed himself hugely at the concert. He is SO social! I think he is the cutest baby boy in the world. I am his grandma and I can say that about him!

Dylan usually plays in the band too, but today he sat it out so that he could take care of Brendan.

The above picture was taken soon after the headphones were removed. Brendan seemed a little surprised at the sudden "noises" all around him ...

Brendan LOVED sitting in the grass and getting little fistfuls of it ... it kept him pleased as peaches for the longest time!

And this little face! It looks like he has a good joke to tell me, but he's going to wait until later ... plus, he KNOWS I am taking his picture and he really really likes to have his picture taken. So ... while this pleasantness lasts, I'll snap away!

 Oh! And Brendan was SEVEN months Monday ... and he successfully crawled going FRONTWARDS that very afternoon ... a little shaky perhaps, but crawling nonetheless. He had been in kind of a reverse pattern for the prior few weeks and was quite frustrated with himself over his inability to figure out how to move forwards ... but he's pretty much accomplished it now ... WATCH OUT!

This is Brendan's good friend, Abel, who is a few months older and a few pounds LESS! They are so cute together! 

 Brendan is the most relaxed and the happiest when in the arms of his mama ... I love to watch them together ... two sweet souls who love each other.

But I think he kind of likes his grandma too ...


Judy Hand said...

These are such neat pictures. Yup, he's crawing alright. Watch out world.

Mom Jones said...

Yes, everything changes when they are mobile! :)

Getting ready to visit out west ... 6 more days and I will be on my way! I'll try to post some pictures daily, either on FB or here on this blog. I loved your pictures of your time together out there. Perhaps, hopefully, prayerfully, in 9 months or so, they will actually reside here ... right in our same city!