Sunday, September 16, 2012

El Paso on September 16

It was one of those near-perfect days today. I'm not even sure exactly why! Perhaps because first of all, it was Sunday ... my favorite day of the week. Kaitlynn still had the sniffles this morning, so Diana stayed home with her while the rest of us went to church. I loved worshiping with my grandchildren next to me, listening to their young voices sing praises to the Lord ~ very beautiful. 

We took a ride after church to where Jesse works because he had to sign out to begin his "leave" tomorrow. He showed us around the building where he works, but none of those pictures turned out very well.

We had breakfast tacos, sausages, and fresh fruit for lunch and then we hiked on down to the playground for a little while.
I'm glad the kids haven't outgrown going playgrounds yet. I love to watch them let loose and just really play their hearts out.
Chris is always one to climb OUTSIDE and ON TOP OF the equipment ... boundaries don't really mean too much to this fellow ...

And what a wonderful picture of Matthew! I LOVE his smile today! He especially loves to climb and play on equipment like this. He might look like a wimpy kid because of his build; but trust me, Matthew is no weakling ... he is extremely tough and 100% boy.
Christopher too ... I love them all so much.
This is our shadows under a small bridge we have to cross to and from the park ...

This is Emma's pretty hair after we had washed and blown it dry this evening. We started showers early tonight so that we could see the kick-off of the Lions and the 49ers ...
And here is little Kaity-bug just before she went to bed tonight. She watched some of the game with us and thought it was great stuff. She especially loves being around her brothers and sister and gives them the biggest smiles, which one of these days I hope to catch with my camera.

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Larry and Judy Hand said...

Sounds and looks like just a wonderful day. Boy, do the kids look happy. Yup, they have lost of energy and muscles to stretch and excercise so they love the playground. What a blessed day.