Wednesday, September 12, 2012

El Paso on September 12

 After traveling throughout the afternoon and evening, I've finally arrived in El Paso. I love flying, and this flight was at 36,000 ft. The cloud formations today were ... SO interesting!
I was so delighted to just look at the changing patterns ... 
The above picture is on the approach to El Paso, but looking BACKWARDS towards New Mexico (because that's the side of the plane I was on). 
Thankfully, the kiddos were still up to greet me. But wouldn't you know it?!!! I totally forgot to change the settings on my camera from shooting cloud formations to actually photographing my very own family inside at night ... so every single picture blurred, some so badly I can't use them at all.  :(
This is tiny Kaity getting her bath in the sink tonight ... she was very sleepy and went right to bed afterwards. 
I finally figured out my camera was on the wrong setting in time to catch just one NONblurry picture of Emma before she went to bed ... but the brothers' pictures turned out terribly, as well as one I had hoped would be good of Diana and Kaity. Well, I'll try again tomorrow and hopefully do a better job!

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Judy and Larry Hand said...

Glad you arrived okay. The pictures are great. Thanks for sharing.