Thursday, September 27, 2012

Brendan on the move ...

I've been home from El Paso for four days now. I knew I would feel kind of "down" on my return. It's much more fun to anticipate a trip, all of the activities, and being reunited with much-missed grandchildren ~ but then I have to come home, and sometimes the sadness goes pretty deep.

So when it was arranged for Kelly, Dylan, Brendan and Shane to come over for dinner tonight, I was very happy!

How can my heart be sad when my little fellow is over to play?

Brendan is almost 8 months now and he is quite mobile. He can crawl, but not terribly fast and not perfectly ... but he can certainly get where he would like to go! Plus, he can go from a crawling position, turn his little body about and sit right back up nice and straight. I think he is quite pleased about this! 

Two weeks ago when he came over to play, I had forgotten about some of the toys back in the playroom that I had gotten for him. But tonight, I had them out and ready for him! He liked all of them very much. He has the sweetest smile and he enjoys my camera so much. There will come a day when he most likely will NOT want his picture taken ... so I am taking every advantage while I have it!

We enjoyed a yummy dinner together, played for a little bit, and then everyone went home. I've been editing pictures tonight, looking back on my trip to El Paso with a heavy heart ... but a little lighter after tonight's visit.


Judy Hand said...

Carol: He is just the sweetest little guy. And he is so excited about life and all his accomplishments so it's good he' lifting your spirits.

Mom Jones said...

Thanks, Judy! Brendan is a real JOY.

Perhaps in about 8 months, all of the grandchildren will be within reach ... what a relief it will be to have them closer. This 1600 mile distance between us has gotten really really ... sad.