Thursday, September 20, 2012

El Paso on September 20

 Well, we've made it through Thursday night and we've done a TON of homework this week. Tomorrow night, we will not have to worry about doing any school work whatsoever. We've planned a movie night to celebrate. Matthew has the most homework of the children. His second grade teacher is very organized and has a really good system (I think) to teach and make the children accountable for their homework. I'll be honest, though, Matthew really struggles and it takes a lot to keep him on task. But he did really well this week and I enjoyed spending the extra time with him.
 Emma helped tonight in the kitchen. While I was preparing dinner, she washed some pots and pans that had been soaking in the sink.
 She did a real nice job on the dishes.
 After dinner was over, little Kaity had gotten somewhat fussy; so we girls decided to take her for a walk. We asked the boys if they wanted to come, but they were playing in the yard with some friends. So it was just Emma and I and baby Kaity ...
Kaitlynn loves to be outside. She smiled and cooed and kicked those little legs in pure joy. 
 Emma does a real nice job with Kaity too. She talks real sweet to her and takes lots and lots of pictures of Kaity on the camera she got as a gift (from good friends) for her birthday.

We had a really nice walk tonight, just as the sun was setting. It had been a scorching hot day today, but this evening, the temperatures were mild and very comfortable ~ just perfect for Kaity.

We're looking forward to the weekend ahead ... NO school ... NO homework ... we'll just play and play!


Larry and Judy Hand said...

Sounds like a big fun break from all the homework is going to be great. Good for Emma for pitching in with dishes and helping with Kaity. I know she likes to do it. Kaity looks so tiny in that stroller. Matthew was very worried when I was there about doing well in school and wants to do well, but at 7 the itch to do something else keeps popping up., esp. with an older brother and sister who have there's done. Have fun and God Bless.

Judy Hand said...

Maybe Kaity needs one of those head props in that stroller although she looks happy. The day I came back to GR, Emma was playing mommy with her dolls and said she had 4 kids--all girls--and three were babies and one was a baby almost a kid.

Mom Jones said...

Yes, Judy, I was thinking the same thing about needing something to prop Kaity's head in her stroller. I asked Emma about it, but she said Kaity already outgrew the one they had for her head, something about it pinching her little ears ... so we just had to let her head flop a bit. She was 100% happy, though, just to be outside walking with us. She is such a little tiny girl, isn't she?

Mom Jones said...
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