Tuesday, September 18, 2012

El Paso on September 18

We were hoping to wake up feeling better this morning ... but we did not! However, life goes on ... and it did! So the children got ready for school and we did our usual breakfast together. I had asked Christopher's teacher if I could sit in on her class this morning for just a little while ~ I could tell Mrs. Morales was reluctant about the idea right from the beginning ~ and as it turned out today, my throat was too sore and I was afraid of spreading my germs, so I told her that I would just quickly look at Chris's classroom and then leave. She seemed relieved that I would not be staying. I don't blame her really. She has quite an active bunch of kids to deal with and mentioned that she was worried I would distract the class. I completely understand her feelings about this and I told her so. I'm glad we could be honest with each other and not be offended or anything. 

I returned to school for lunch and recesses but made sure I rested when I was not up at school. We finished everyone's homework in record time, ate a nice dinner that Diana had prepared, and then we took Kaity out for a walk around the neighborhood.
 The kids decided to walk me down to a few quiet streets that I was not familiar with. We enjoyed our walk very much. Emma was in charge of the stroller, and I was the photographer. Everyone was in a goofy mood, and no one was really trying very hard to give me any chance whatsoever at a good picture of all four of them together! That's OK, though, because we were just having fun anyway.

Emma looks so grown up in these pictures! She really enjoys being with Kaitlynn and the baby smiles really BIG when she sees Emma ... very nice.
 Isn't this a great picture of Matthew? I love his smile.
 We stumbled across a small playground and enjoyed that for a little while ...

It was a beautiful evening for our walk. The temperature was perfect. The sky was completely clear with a soft breeze blowing. 

I'm hoping and praying we begin feeling better soon. Diana is still under the weather, and even Kaity is not quite herself because she is congested. I'll post more tomorrow ...


Judy Hand said...

Carol, I hope you all feel better soon. This early a.m. it was 38 here. Yuck. The pictures are great and glad you got that walk in with the four. They all look so cute and the pictures of Matt are great. Take care.

Mom Jones said...

Thanks, Judy. We're having a wonderful time together even though all of us are somewhat sick. There really isn't anything that can be done about it but to just step back a little bit, accept it for what it is, and continue on with our lives here. When I go up to the school, there are tons of sick children coughing, sneezing, etc. so the germs abound! But we are OK and are just thankful to be together. I appreciate your prayers for all of us. :)

Judy and Larry Hand said...

Carol: We are praying for all of you. You can count on that. Little kids and germs and school seem to go together. At least with my kids, and Larry and all his years of teaching. No one knows how to dress here right now. God Bless.