Friday, September 14, 2012

El Paso on September 14

I didn't take many pictures today! It continued to be COLD here in El Paso, and it even rained off and on throughout the day, which made it seem all the colder. It's supposed to warm up here next week, and I will be very glad to have that happen. The picture above is of the kids eating breakfast this morning at school. Since it is after 11:00 p.m. right now, 7:30 this morning seems like a very long time ago!
Diana didn't have any classes today, so Kaity was home with us. She has a little bit of the sniffles and the beginnings of a head cold (we think), so she was not quite herself today. We did do the grocery shopping this afternoon, and Kaity did very well out and about with us.
This is Belle, their small cat, who looks like a kitten still ~ but she is more than two years old. I haven't taken any pictures of Mitsy, the other cat, who is very opposite of Belle. Mitsy is huge, but a very sweet cat nonetheless. 
We had tacos, tortilla chips, fresh fruit and salad tonight for our supper ... and afterwards we made huge ice cream sundaes. I totally forgot to take a nice picture of our sundaes all topped in whipped cream!   
This is Chris just being silly! 
And this is Matthew showing me his "blade" spinner. I coaxed Diana into the picture too ... I always forget to take pictures of Jes and Di when I am here because I'm so focused on the little ones. 

We had a nice day today and enjoyed a movie together tonight: "We Bought a Zoo" which is  actually based on a true story. We also read "The Parakeet Girl" (a very cute story) and "Ottie and the Star" as well as chapter two in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Bedtime was somewhere around 10:00 tonight ... which is why I think I am tired! However, I am thankful for a really nice day here in El Paso.


Judy and Larry Hand said...

Great pictures. The weather there sounds unusual for El Paso. This morning it was 47 at 8 a.m. here. Hope it warms up lots here. The childen and Diana look good. Thanks for the post. Hope this weekend is fun.

Judy Hand said...

Sounds like a fun nite. Have you seen Belle and Sophie play. I agree that Mitsy is a sweet cat, too. The kids look so hapy and what yummy food.