Sunday, May 17, 2015

A quiet Friday night

The grandkiddos were able to come over for a few hours Friday night after work. I was so glad! I had worked a few extra hours last week and was pretty exhausted, but I prepared our dinner Thursday night so that we could just re-heat it real quick and not have to fuss Friday evening. While I was heating up dinner, Ems got out my limited carton of very old dominoes and … frustrated herself to pieces.
She had a very elaborate plan in mind, double-decked and swirly, and she would be real steady for quite awhile, but then ….. crash. 
Emma is quite patient, though, and very tenacious when she wants to accomplish something ... 
 It at least kept her occupied while I was putting dinner together--and this kept her OUT of the kitchen where she was eating me out of house and home (!). I love her.
 We had a really wonderful Bible time too. We are now studying Joseph and all the things that happened to him and how God orchestrated all of it … for God's glory and Joseph's good. The kiddos have been painting illustrations as I teach.

It has been awhile since we have had an overnight--I think I am too old to burn it at both ends anymore (sadly). But I do enjoy these hours with the children. They are always a blessing to me. What a privilege to be a grandma.

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