Monday, September 28, 2015

Brendan and I visit Schwallier's Country Basket

First of all, this is a ridiculous amount of pictures to post on ONE entry of this little nothing blog of mine ... but I took HUNDREDS of pictures today and these are SO beautiful of Brendan that I just have to post these ... so there!
This is the first time I have taken Brendan over to Schwallier's. I knew it would be a hit because almost anything is a hit with this little boy.
Brendan absolutely loved feeding the goats, especially using this little contraption that you could crank the handle and send the food up a conveyor belt to the goats ...
This was right before he got his chubby little hand pinched by the crank ... enough to where it drew blood and one tear from those precious eyes!
We bandaged our wounded toddler up and ventured on over to the kittens ...

And then the bunnies ...

And then over to the fake cow that you could milk ...

And Brendan, who enjoys all things cause-and-effect milked the daylights out of this cow!

This little water-run for rubber duckies was a huge hit too ... look at Brendan's face!

We strolled through the apple orchards on a gorgeous day!

I am so thankful to have these pictures of our time together. It was precious ... every little minute of it.

This corn place is great too. Brendan dug and poured and mixed ...

For a very long time ...
And then we simply HAD to go back to the water run and take care of those rubber duckies!

We topped it off with some apple cider. For some reason, Brendan refused the donut I offered him!!! It is difficult for me to EVER refuse a donut ... but I managed not to eat one either.

Such a fun afternoon.
I will treasure it always.

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