Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Kaity-Girl and I re-visit the zoo ...

A few weeks ago Kaity and I returned to the zoo on a Monday afternoon. We rode the Funicular from the bottom of the zoo to the tippy-top. I had never ridden this before (since it is $3 per person and I usually have THREE children with me). Since it was just Kaity and I today, I thought it would be a fun treat for her.
Katy enjoyed herself immensely! And so did baby Harper and baby Baby (her two loved dolls).
The Funicular is not a very long-lasting ride, nor is it fast or exciting ... but it is nice to ascend through the trees and go higher and higher ...

When we got to the top of the zoo, we were practically right at the TIGER place, so we visited them for a little while.
Such a beautiful creature! Only one of the tigers was up and about. The other one was sleeping a very lazy sleep quite a distance from us.
Kaity is a runner. When she is finished with an exhibit, she is FINISHED and OFF she goes!
We RAN all the way down, down, down to see the grizzly bears.
Thankfully, Mrs. Grizzly was very accommodating and came to say HI to us ...
"Go in there, Grandma?" asked Kaity. I think she very badly wanted to give this giant animal a bear hug!
Our next place to visit was the stingrays, but Kaity was in and out of there so quick I didn't even have the chance to get my camera out of its case! We then walked over to see the budgie birds, one of my favorite places ...
However, since the zoo was rather sparse on people visitors, the budgies were friendlier than ever. As soon as we walked inside the enclosure, we were swamped by birds flying all over us! Kaity was a tiny bit dismayed. 
At one time, there were birds on my back, my head, my shoulders, my stomach ... they were crazy!
Above is a very rare occasion when Kaity is NOT in motion ... she is contemplating the pelicans on our way out of the zoo.
"BIG ducks, grandma!" exclaimed Kaity. Yes, they are BIG, Kaity, but they are GEESE.
Pictured below is Emma's painting of a musical piano. Her mama bought her a set of acrylics, and everything else she needed to create ... paintings! Yes!
Good job, Ems!


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