Monday, September 28, 2015

Kaity-Girl comes to visit on 9/15/15

I picked up little Kaity Monday afternoon and took her over to the Beach House to play. I have not done this very much with Kaity yet because the older kiddos were home from school for the summer and it is difficult to mix these ages all together and actually accomplish anything. SO, poor Kaity has been rather left out of ... everything. 
Now that school is back in, I hope to spend some regular one-on-one time with this little pixie.
We played for quite awhile in the playroom with the cars and trucks and stuffed animals ...
We did blocks and shapes ...

We played the piano ...
And baby Harper actually had her first piano lesson, to Kaity's great delight!
The most fun we had, though (in my opinion) was painting. Kaity enjoyed it so much.

I loved watching her mix the colors and put them on her picture.

She was very pleased to do this.

Look at her happy sweet face!

Kaity was pretty proud of the the result.

For our first one-on-one in quite a long time, we did very well together.

Baby Harper got strapped tightly in her seatbelt for the ride home ... this was Kaity's initiative completely, and she was dead serious about it.

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