Monday, September 28, 2015

Trespassing !!

There is a golf course very near where I live with beautiful rolling hills and a little pond too. I drive by it on the way to work every day and wish that I could just take a walk along the paths there; but, of course, there is a FENCE with a "NO trespassing" sign posted every few feet so as to prevent people that do not golf (I guess) from entering this beautiful place.
I have always hated NO TRESPASSING signs. While I was in Israel years ago, our guide hated them too and very often ignored them altogether!
So when I went for a walk the other night, I walked along that prohibitive fence until ... amazing ... a gap in the fence! An opening large enough for ... me to walk right in! I had my camera with me, it was a beautiful quiet Sunday evening, and I just walked right in through that gap and TRESPASSED.
There was only one golfer in sight, a young fella, who did not seem to mind that I was there with my camera. I was very careful NOT to get in his way.
I like these pictures very much. I always love a pretty bridge with fencing .... and a reflective pond too.

I might even have to use these to make a few nice cards.

Across the street from the golf course is a small farm.
I love old barns. They have so much character to them. This white barn was rather unusual I thought.
So I took a few pictures of it ... just because ... and I didn't even have to trespass to get them. However, there were fences everywhere (and I did notice some cows and even a BULL within those fences) so I could only get so close. 

I love farms, don't you?

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