Monday, September 28, 2015

Just a few snapshots from 9/19/15

Christopher's rocket football game was all the way over in SARANAC this week! I quite naturally got lost driving there, but finally arrived to be greeted by this little pixie-girl.
I love her outfit!
It is a perfect pixie-girl Kaity outfit! She is always running!
Comstock Park did NOT win the game AND Christopher was injured late in the fourth quarter. Thankfully, it was not a serious injury. Matthew is comforting him in this picture (below).
Matthew and Ems came over to my house for a little while after the game. Matthew made quite a nice LEGO spaceship.

We ate a nice dinner together, had a wonderful Bible story time, and then ... it was over as quickly as it started! I am still thankful for any hour I can spend with these kiddos.

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