Monday, September 28, 2015

September 15 with Little Fellow!

I did not have very much time after work tonight, so when I went over to see Brendan we just hung around his house for a little while and played outside. I was excited to see his playscape that Kelly obtained from a neighbor for FREE.
We also went for a walk and used my old umbrella stroller for Brendan. He is fine for walking, but if we get too far from his house, he lifts up those chubby arms and begs to be carried; and since he is close to 40 pounds--that does not work very well for me!

We just walked for a few blocks and talked to the flowers and picked up a few sticks along our travels, and then we went back to the slide and swings.

"I can swing on my belly, Grandma!"

"Grandma Carol, will you do an UNDERdog for me?" begged this sweet little soul. I told him I would only do an underdog if he sat properly on the swing.
So he decided to fly like a bird on his belly for awhile instead ...

I love this little child more than I can express ...

Precious little boy ...

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