Monday, September 28, 2015

Kaity at my house, Kaity at the zoo!

Hopefully, Kaity and I have started a Monday afternoon tradition. Since the older kiddos are now back to school, I would like to have some regular one-on-one time with this little sweetheart. She is quite something to keep up with, but I intend to give it my best!
I found that the thing that keeps her attention longest is painting; and since I have plenty of water-color paint and interesting pictures, we have had fun doing this together. Kaity keeps at it longer if I join in on the painting with her.
It's very fun to watch this little bundle of energy concentrate on finding just the right color she wants and then adding to her picture.

We have also enjoyed making BIG bubbles together outside. Kaity loves being outdoors.

I love these pictures of her blowing bubbles ...
And since it was such a perfect outside day, we drove on over to the zoo to visit with the lions for awhile.

We saw some of the other animals too, like the flamingos ...
AND we played on the zoo playground for a nice long time.

Kaity did some swinging and some climbing too.

Baby Harper came along for some of the climb ...

The curly slide was a lot of fun ... up and down, up and down ... and even walking up!

I hope, at least while the weather is good, to take Kaity out and about a few hours each week. She is a sweetheart.

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