Saturday, January 2, 2016

A sweet start to the new year: Donuts and Brendan!

I spent the night over at Brendan's New Year's Eve in their spare room. Brendan was asleep by about 9:00, and I stayed up until nearly 11:00 and then I was OUT. I do not remember midnight coming or going--I didn't hear a thing! Everyone slept in until after 8:00 AM. Brendan and I played for awhile and then suggested that we go over to Marge's Donut Den and have a little treat!

 Marge's is THE BEST place for donuts in West Michigan. Brendan loves to go there. I would go more often, but I've never met a donut that I didn't love ... and since I do not want to be old AND fat, I try to stay my distance from donuts. But New Year's Day is special. Brendan knew exactly which kind of donut he wanted ...
 But he looked the entire window of donuts over once and then again and then ... chocolate covered it was! It is what he picks every time!
 I got MY favorite too: a chocolate-covered creamy-on-the-inside donut. PLUS, we got a half dozen donuts to take back to Brendan's house too. AND we got some hot chocolate. Brendan picked out a perfect table for us to enjoy our sweet treats.
 My Little Fellow is ... NOT so little anymore. But he has the sweetest little heart. Our hot chocolate was TOO hot and took me a little bit by surprise so that I made my eyes bug out and pounded the table saying: "The was SUPER hot!" Brendan thought it was SO funny that he sipped his hot chocolate and did the same thing ... and then we declared our hot chocolate was "super DUPER hot!"
 I was a little worried that Brendan would burn his tongue, so I went and got him some cold chocolate milk to drink instead. :)

 We met a little friend at Marge's by the name of Xavier. He was a very fun person. He turned four in October, so he was only a little bit older than Brendan (but a LOT bigger). He brought over all of the stuffed animals to our table so that they could share in our joy together.
 Xavier wanted Brendan to get close and personal with the stuffed Robin and kept landing it on Brendan's head--who, by the way, never lost his patience with this new friend--and was quite tolerant.
 I love the expressions on Brendan's face ...
 Isn't he a scream?
 Ah--Brendan!! I could just eat you up, sweetheart.

We spent almost an hour sitting at our table, eating our donuts, drinking our chocolate and enjoying every single minute of it! Happy New Year!

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