Sunday, January 31, 2016

One-on-one with Emma ...

It is very unusual that I get to spend "alone" time with any of my "older" grandchildren. They are used to doing stuff together, the three of them, like the three musketeers. I have not requested a one-on-one with any of them for a very long time. But a few weeks ago, I bought the Cinderella movie that Disney made last year, and Emma very badly wanted to see it. Since it is kind of a "girly" movie, I invited Emma to come and see it and spend the night Friday! Emma enjoyed the movie very much. We even went to bed by 10:30: Emma on the couch, and me in my own warm bed.

We enjoyed our Friday night together, but we had also talked about sledding Saturday morning. I woke Emma up by 9:30, and it was a good thing we went out in the morning, because if we had waited until the afternoon when the temps climbed into the low 40's, we would have found a hill without any snow.
I'm so glad Emma is still young enough to enjoy sledding! But then, I STILL ENJOY IT TOO! We raced down the hill separately as well as together--in the same sled! Emma was the driver--she was much better at steering than I was! 
I love this beautiful young girl so much. She is lovely inside and out. 
We took a short walk next to Stoney Creek, took some pictures, enjoyed the awesomeness of God's amazing handiwork ... 
... and then when we got home, Emma enjoyed a nice hot bath while I fixed a nice healthy lunch for us! We also worked on our Bible story book that we have been making together, watched some funny cat and baby videos on Youtube, Emma played my piano (she is teaching herself and doing a good job!), and just hung out together. I love being your grandma, dearest Emma.

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