Thursday, January 28, 2016

Brendan and I go sledding!

Brendan doesn't live too far from the GR Kroc Center  ... and there is a really nice sledding hill there that we checked out this afternoon. After climbing ALL these stairs to the tippy-top of the hill, we found the gate LOCKED with this sign: "No sledding when gate is locked." This was rather disappointing, because we were really anticipating this nice big hill!
But ... we decided to just go looking for other hills! There were several smaller hills nearby ... we we zoomed down those!
It was a lot of fun ... but I have never been with Brendan and NOT had fun. 
 Brendan was dressed in SO MANY LAYERS!
 He was a very enthusiastic sledder!
 Look at him -- he is so bundled, he can barely move ...
 We played on the playground nearby for a little while too ... but by this time, I was getting quite cold (because I am a sissy) ...

I finally convinced Brendan that Grandma was too cold to play outside anymore, so we went back to his nice warm house and played there instead. 
 Brendan has some really nice toys to play with. Look at his cool airplanes (below)! They fly VERY nicely too.
Only SIX more days until this little sweetheart's birthday! I would very much like it if he could just stay THREE for another year!

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