Saturday, January 2, 2016

Chauncey Avenue on the second of January ...

As much as I hate being cold (and I do), I love this time of year. I love walking with camera in hand just seeking a beautiful scene. We haven't had much snow, so these pictures are a little bleak looking.

 I love Chauncey Avenue, south of Cannonsburg. The road winds on and there are little farms and fences and gates ...
 ... and lots and lots of woods ...

 I am really glad that when the LORD re-makes the earth some day--when the lion will lie down with the lamb and a little child will lead them, etc.--I am glad there will be NO "Private Property NO Trespassing" signs! They are so annoying. Just when I see a little pathway that is SO alluring and I want to explore it, I am prohibited by these nasty signs.
 I forced myself to obey them today. I don't always!
 I walked for about an hour late this afternoon. Trying to walk off the "fat" of the holidays ... sigh.
Chauncey Avenue is a "Natural Beauty Road."  
 I enjoy walking it during any season of the year because it always has such lovely surprises.

 Today as I walked, a confused flock of geese kept flying overhead, circling about and then coming back. I tried to photograph them, but those pictures were not worth posting.

I think with a little editing, these photos might end up a bit better ... but I am too tired tonight! Another time perhaps.

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