Sunday, January 10, 2016

A wintry Sunday afternoon ...

On the way home from church early this afternoon, I pulled over at Versluis Park to take a little walk in the snow. I don't go to this park during the summer time, even though there is a swimming area and a tiny beach PLUS a pretty nice playground. I don't go there for quite a few reasons ... first, they charge $$ for admission, plus this is an INLAND lake (I don't like them), the beach is teenie-tiny, and it is always too crowded.

However, TODAY, there was not one single person in sight! And there was NO admission fee! And I surely wasn't going to go swimming, inland lake or not! 

Isn't this a perfect verse of Scripture for that beautiful scene above? No matter what happens ... HIS PEACE. Yes! 

I had a wonderful time walking a few pathways that led down to the lake ... and I was surprised by this special treat!
Gorgeous, majestic, pure white swans. They went so nicely with the snow! 
 I took a ton and a half of pictures of them ... lovely birds that they are!

 I was so thankful the swans were close enough to photograph! They were a real gift to me today.

 Aren't winter pictures the BEST?

We are supposed to get quite a bit of snow this week--so perfect for January! I hope to take full advantage of the beauty and photograph to my heart's content. 

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