Monday, January 25, 2016

Hurray for a mild winter day!

Today it was 40 degrees, party sunny and not one bit windy. It was a perfect day to go sledding, AND I received a gift of TWO free sleds just yesterday from my dear friends! So, Kaity picked the purple sled and off we went ...

We drove over to Townsend Park because I thought we might just find a few hills that were just the right size for Kaity and I ... 
Kaity is one tough little cookie. Nothing much phases her as far as harsh conditions. She is a lot of fun to play with and she loves the snow! 
We raced down a few good hills--me screaming all the way--Kaity cracking up, and only wiped out one time!  
 It was just a picture-perfect afternoon ... so thankful for this beautiful day.
Kaity played at the playground for awhile too. 
 Kaity is a very physical child and loves to climb and play.
 What a gorgeous day!!!

I love you Kaity Jane! You are precious!

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