Sunday, January 10, 2016

More of Kaity-Girl

Last Monday Kaity came over to play. Nothing at all unusual about that whatsoever ... it is a regular Monday afternoon event. I look forward to it and Kaity does too!
 My good friend, Gail Storey, and I met for lunch the week after Christmas and she gave me this remote control vehicle to share with my grandkids. What a sweet friend! Kaity was just crazy about it.
 We also played with our purple playdoh for a little while, making cut-outs and snakes and other stuff.
 AND we pretended that my laundry basket was a school bus (!!???) and Kaity and all of my stuffed animals took rides to and from school (endlessly) all around my little house. Kaity thought it was great stuff.
 We spent a little bit of time enjoying the snowflakes that were softly falling. I love these pictures of sweet Kaity.

 She has a precious little face ...

And a very precious little heart!

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