Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A hodgepodge of June pictures ...

 I haven't been very "good" about posting updates on this completely insignificant and un-visited blog of mine; but having said that--I really must just throw a bunch of pictures together here because I don't want to forget these times with the grandchildren.
 My friend, Wendy, found a container full of wooden train tracks at a garage sale the other day and sold them to me! I added just a few items and was able to make this layout for the kiddos to enjoy.
 I decided to use my bedroom floor just because ... it would offer good space to play. Kaity enjoyed herself quite a bit using the crane to help repair our little worn-out trains.
 Kaity also loves my magnifying glass ...
 Isn't she something else?
 I love her to pieces ...
 Last Monday (June 20) it was the first Monday afternoon that I was picking up Kaity and the older kiddos are out of school for the summer, so Ems and Matthew decided to come over and play too.
 We just hung out here at the Beach House doing simple activities ... and even though the older kids are ... OLDER ... they still enjoy Playdoh--well, who doesn't?!!
 So everyone did their own thing with the Playdoh for quite awhile. Good thing, too, because it was hotter 'n blazes in the house that afternoon.

 Matthew and Kaity-girl set up the Alphabet puzzle and made a long line. THEN they got out stuffed animals and placed them on their appropriate letter. 
 Matthew was a good helper and tried his best to teach Kaity about sounds.
 Not to leave Brendan out of these random pictures ... this is the night I visited over at his house and he was showing me his brand new FIRE STATION (Playmobile) that Dylan found at 50% clearance over at Schuller Books! Brendan was just thrilled with it.
 And here is Joe-Cool Brendan showing off his sunglasses to his adoring grandmother ...

Oh my word, Brendan. You are something!

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