Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Teenaged girls!

Friday night I had two overnight guests! Emma came over and she invited her friend, Kayla too. Two teenaged girls at my house for the night! Yes! I was so glad they could come.
 It was very interesting for me to observe these two and enter into their world a little bit. I remember very well being almost fourteen myself. They latched on to my laptop computer and that was the last I saw of it all night! They got music going and they were singing and dancing and playing favorites!
 We baked some cupcakes to enjoy too! Plus, we had our Bible time just like we always do. This week we learned about the official who traveled to Cana (from Capernaum) to ask Jesus to heal his little boy who was dying. Kayla and Emma painted some pictures during the story. Kayla knows Jesus! She came to faith in Christ a few years ago at her church. I was so happy to know she is a Christian. We had a very nice Bible time together.
I went to bed at about 10:30 and I have no idea how late these two stayed up. But I let them sleep in until about 9:00 before I got breakfast going. We hung out here all Saturday morning just enjoying each other, playing games and talking. I'm telling you, it's a wonderful thing to be a grandma!

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