Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A little play time ...

 Last Thursday, after an exhausting day at work, I dropped by to visit Brendan. Dylan and I had eaten lunch together at a little Chinese place downtown (we walked and met each other half way), and we decided that it would be OK if I played with Brendan for a little while after work.
 Brendan got out lots of his Playmobile stuff for me to look at. He brought out the school and the playground ... and the fire engine!

 These are such great toys! Brendan loves them. He pretends all kinds of cool stuff with these toys. So good for him to do!
 I have always said that parents and grown-ups need toys as much as kids do! It helps us play better with them! These Playmobile toys are much more reasonably priced today than they were when my boys were little. They are very well made too. Brendan has a ton of them.

Nothing much phenomenal occurred during our play time, but it sure was fun watching Brendan enjoy himself and generously share his toys with me. 

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