Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Grand Haven with the kiddos!

Late Sunday afternoon, I picked up Emma, Chris and Matthew and we drove out to Grand Haven with our brand new wave boards! We didn't arrive until about 5:15, the sun was still high in the sky, the waves were just right (not too big, not too little) and they were just right for our wave boards.
 The water temperature was perfect and so refreshing. We played for a very long time out in the lake. This year, there is quite a large sand bar which makes it possible to walk very far out into the lake without going above waist-deep water. But watch out--the drop off is quite sudden, and then you can't touch bottom.
 My favorite thing was to watch the children play on the beach. I love to dig in the sand and I'm an old granny! These children love to dig and build and pretend ... this is the perfect place to just lose yourself, forget your sadness, take a deep breath and just ... LIVE.

 Emma is very "into" mermaids again this year, so we made her into one!
 Emma! You crack me up!

 All of us enjoyed playing in the sand. We stayed on the beach for as long as we could!

 I haven't seen Matthew this relaxed and having this much fun in a very long time. It did my heart good, that's for sure.

 And Christopher! Posing for this photo shot! Handsome boy you are, Chris!
 Emma built a MOTE and then added sand castles. I missed taking a good picture as she made further progress, and then before I could snap a good picture a wave pretty much wiped out her creation.
 We were 100% happy the whole time we were there. So thankful to God for this incredible gift of beauty and time together.

 I dug my usual hole in the ground. Emma stood up in it to show me how deep I had gotten. I actually had struck water at this point.

 I handed Emma my camera while I was driving home so that she could take a picture of this beautiful sky!
Thank you, Lord, for everything about this day.

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